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Virex II 256 Germicidal Cleaner

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Virex II 256 Germicidal Cleaner

Virex II 256 Germicidal Cleaner

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Item #: 15204329

UPC #: 10046500043298

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This product is considered hazardous materials, and could require special shipping. This product has a MSDS sheet available online.

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Product Info:
Virex II 256 Germicidal Cleaner Item # 15204329 UPC # 10046500043298
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2 per case
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Product Description

Description NOTE: For use with the J-Fill Quattroselect Dispensing System ONLY. Virex II 256 is a one-step disinfectant cleaner and deodorant. For use on hard, inanimate, nonporous surfaces such as floors, walls, porcelain and plastic surfaces.
  • Broad Spectrum Activity Kills microorganisms including HIV-1, VRE, MRSA, GRSA, MRSE, VISA, PRSP, Herpes Simplex Types 1&2, Influenza Type A2, Adenovirus Type 2, Rotavirus and many more.
  • Meets OSHA bloodborne pathogen standards.
  • Highly concentrated quaternary formula provides excellent one-step, cost-effective cleaning and disinfection.
  • No Rinse Formula.
  • Use solution is neutral to floor finish so it will not dull, pit or soften floor finishes.
  • Odor Control: Kills the organisms that cause odors and works as an odor counteractant to further eliminate odors not associated with bacteria.
  • Concentrate to Finished Sanitizer.
  • Dilution Rate: 1:256.
  • 84.5oz bottle = 169 gallons finished sanitizer.
Manufacturer Number 04329

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